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Carpool at 9:30 at pullout for the Gualala business directory north of bridge, or at the Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area at 9:40. Shortly after entering Salt Point State Park, drivers from the north should prepare to turn left on Kruse Ranch Road and drive to the official parking area for Kruse Reserve. There are no fees or passes required. Hike will begin from the Kruse parking area at 10:00. We will hike up the gravel road all the way to Plantation. The ascent is gradual, but the gravel large and often sharp, so sturdy shoes are recommended. In the late nineteenth century, Plantation was an important destination for travelers from San Francisco on their way to Gualala. It had the only hotel available. After lunch it is all downhill and the views are spectacular. We will walk along several gushing creeks, and have views into deep forested canyons. This hike is a bit longer than our regular hikes, about five miles, but the rewards are great.
Leader: Laura Bridge 408-306-5321

Please wear red, white and/or pink to celebrate Valentine’s day! Meet at 9:45 at the Gualala Business Directory (north of bridge) and at 10:00 at Steve and Bonnie Coffeysmith’s house, 339 Bluff Reach, corner of Bluff Reach and Cormorant Close. Please park in the enclosed courtyard if possible. Walk to marker 30A and follow the hedgerow to marker 30D. Turn left and follow the trail straight through 31C to 33B. Turn right on Pacific Reach and Whalebone, toward Rt. 1. Turn left at marker 34A, left at 35D, and right at 35C. Continue hiking through the meadows to marker 42C, then turn left and walk to 42, overlooking Walk-on Beach. Turn left and follow the Bluff Trail, passing the TSRA Marine Preserve and Dune Drift Beach at marker 38. Hike to marker 37 and follow the sand trail to the cypress hedgerow, turn right and go to Tidepool Beach to look for harbor seals. Continue on the trail, passing Shell Beach and stopping to check out the cormorant nesting area before returning to the Coffeysmith’s to enjoy your bag lunch.
Leader: Steve Coffeysmith, 510-593-8195

KING RIDGE LOOP – February 20, 2020
Meet at 9:30 at the pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge to carpool and at the Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area at 9:40. From Skagg's Spring Road turn on Tin Barn Road and drive to King Ridge Road and park. Hike King Ridge two miles (up) and return. This stretch is very beautiful in winter with mist, oak trees, and nice views. There is plenty of up and down on this hike. We will eat at an old cemetery.
Leaders: John and Lynn Walton, 884-9714

OHLSON RANCH LOOPY LOOP – February 27, 2020
Carpool at 9:45 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge or meet at 10:00 at Ohlson Ranch Center (just south of the white barn). Hangtags needed. Walk south on trail between the highway and the Ohlson Ranch Center turning right at marker 15c.  Take Arch Rock Road to marker 15A where you will pick up the bluff trail.  Head north on the bluff trail until marker 27 where you will turn right and then left onto Breaker Reach until you catch marker 29 back to the bluff.  Continue until you reach Cormorant Close and take the hedge row trail back to the trail that parallels the highway.  Continue on this trail until reaching marker 25D where we will turn right crossing Breakers Reach and ending up at marker 25A turning south and back to Ohlson Ranch for lunch.
Leader: Adrian Adams, 805-215-8665

Carpool at 9:30AM at Gualala Business Sign or at 9:40 at the Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area. Drive to Stewarts Point 2Fish and park cars.  Hike will start from 2Fish at approx. 9:55.   We will walk Skaggs Springs Road inland from 2Fish for 2ish miles and then retrace our steps. There is some elevation change but this is a road hike which is mainly through forested paved road which follows a lovely stream and is full of ferns and trees.  It’s the perfect road hike for the rain. We will reward ourselves at the end with lunch at the Two Fish Bakery at Stewarts Point. If you want to buy a sandwich at the store, please call ahead with your order (707-785-2011) or you can bring your lunch.
Leader: Harmony Susalla, 884-3347

Meet at 9:50 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory and at 10:00 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool or at the entrance to Stornetta Public Lands where Lighthouse Road turns right towards the Lighthouse at 10:30. Walk the spectacular bluff toward the old Coast Guard Loran site (now owned by Mendocino Community College) seeing blow holes, sink holes, islands, waves and enter the new acquired public lands to view this spectacular spot. After we have walked about an hour, we will turn around and retrace our steps finding a suitable spot for lunch along the way.
Leader: Joel Chaban, 884-9280

This hike is on private property and is available only to people who have signed the access permit and release of liability (available from and returned to Mary Sue at least two weeks in advance). Carpool at 9:45 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory. Take Old Stage Rd. to Fish Rock Rd. turning right to follow the signs to the Mendocino Transfer Station continuing on from there to where the pavement stops where you will meet the leaders.  Starting at 10:00 we will be following logging roads on Mendocino Redwoods property with views of the Garcia River. We will follow and cross several tributaries as we hike along the road until we reach a new big slide and then will retrace our steps. This hike has a fair amount of elevation changes, both up and down, but is a beautiful quiet forested road. The first part of the hike until we reach the first bridge (our lunch spot close to the end) will be meditative. Walking sticks recommended. The hike is about 4.5 miles.
Leaders: Mary Sue Ittner, 884-4824 and Harmony Susalla, 884-3347

Carpool at the pullout for the Gualala business directory just north of bridge at 9:45. Start at Big Tree Close and Timber Ridge Road at hike marker 122 at 10:00. Hang tags are needed for non-Sea Ranchers. Pass marker 116. At marker 111 take left fork. Follow trail to marker 104 which ends at Longmeadow. Go through gate and turn right back onto a forest path. Continue on this trail, past the Sag Pond. The path eventually joins the main trail again at marker 110. Continue back along trail until marker 117. Walk west to marker 118 and follow the upper portion of the Big Tree Loop Trail to marker 120. Exit at 123 at Big Tree Close and return to parking area on Timber Ridge. This hike can have beautiful Douglas Iris displays in spring. Lunch optional but those wanting to have lunch together can drive to the regional park and eat at the tables next to the Hidden Parking lot.
Leader: Linda Kennedy, 785-3682

Carpool at the pullout for the Gualala business directory just north of bridge at 9:00, and meet at the Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area at 9:10. Start at 10:00 at Meyers Grade Rd. and Fort Ross Rd. We will shuttle a few cars to leave at Bohan Dillon Road. Walk down to Bohan Dillon Road on Fort Ross Road (about 625 ft elevation change) and continue past it to the Niestrath Road junction and return to Bohan Dillon Road. Some people may choose to continue walking back up the hill while others drive to the top to get the cars left there. After we have everyone again in their vehicles we will drive to the Fort Ross Orchard where we will have our lunch with hopefully spectacular views. This is a bit farther hike than usual, but when we went there in 2016 there were wonderful flowers.
Leaders: Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller, 884-4824

POMO TRAILS & FOREST (Lunch at Dard and Mary’s) – April 9, 2020
Carpool at pullout for Gualala business directory just north of bridge at 9:50. Meet at Dard's (205 Screech Owl, Sea Ranch) at 9:55. It's East on Halcyon (North end of Sea Ranch) North on Deer Trail, West on Screech Owl. Hike starts at 10:00. Starting on Screech Owl, enter the trail at post 144 and do entire Pomo Creekside Trail.  At Deer Trail turn left to Pomo Hillside Trail, post 147.  As this trail exits to Deer Trail cross the street and enter the trail at post 150 and then turn left on the dirt road.  As road exits the woods, take the unofficial trail to the right which exits on County Park Road to campground.  Follow to the right and at bottom of hill take unofficial trail heading toward river and explore this beautiful area. Reverse and start back. Cover the route taken inbound until exiting on dirt road.  Turn right to Haversack connector trail.  Take it exiting on cul-de-sac which traverse turning right on Deer Trail.  Turn in on Pomo Creekside trail and return to beginning. We will have lunch at Dard and Mary’s house.
Leader: Laura Bridge, 408-306-5321

Meet at 9:05 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory and at Anchor Bay (west side of Hwy 1) at 9:15. The hike starts at the public access from Hwy 1 on about mile marker 22.48 at 9:45. We will turn in at Alder Creek Beach Road which hasn't been marked lately, then turn directly left and park on the road that parallels Hwy 1. We will walk to the ocean and then go South on the beach and then return. We will then drive to the Thompson garden afterwards for lunch. There will be a little beach walking, but there aren't rocks to scramble over and Manchester Beach is very pretty.
Leader: Mary Heibel, 882-2055

Meet at 8:30 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at Anchor Bay (west side of Hwy 1) at 8:40. We will carpool to Hendy Woods State park and begin the hike at approx. 10:00am from the Day-Use Area. This park contains some AMAZING old growth redwoods that are truly a sight to see.  We will meander through the trees past the "hermit hut" and loop back to the Day-Use area for lunch either on the river, in the field or under the trees depending on weather.  After lunch, we will walk the trails in the Big Hendy Grove section. We plan to make this journey even if it is raining lightly.  Heavy rain will cancel/reorg at carpool spots. 
NOTE:  This is a longer drive than we normally do, but we promise if you go you will not be disappointed.  Expect some elevation change.  Walking sticks are not required but might be useful.
Leaders:  Ron & April Dammann, 884-3830

Meet at 10:00 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge to carpool and at the Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area at 10:10. Park at MM 44.00 at Salt Point where we will meet our leader at 10:30. The turnoff is tricky; turnoff at MM44 even though the sign says Turnout 1/4 mile. This hike is quite steep in places so hiking sticks and boots are recommended. Hike on the trail staying right at the fork until you go over the crest of the hill and have a beautiful view of Horseshoe Cove. Descend sharply until you reach the Bluff. Walk south along the bluff until about 11:30 and retrace your steps until we reach a magical rock formation for lunch. The return to the cars after lunch will be uphill, but this is a gorgeous spot so worth the effort.
Leader:  Darlene Gorman, 650-575-1890

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