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SALT POINT LOOP – May 3, 2018
Carpool at 9:30 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge, and at The Sea Ranch Lodge at 9:45. Park at the call box parking area one-half mile south of Stump Beach on the east side of HWY 1 (south of MM 41.00). Take trail on east side of the highway up to the first fork. Turn right and follow the trail until you come out at the highway. Cross the highway and take the road to the campground (where there will be bathrooms we can use). From there we will hike down the hill turning right on the road to the Visitor Center. Pass it and go onto the headlands. Hike north on the bluff all the way to a rock outcropping in line with the call box on the highway, then continue for another few minutes toward Stump Beach. There we will have lunch seated on some wonderful rock ledges, watch the crashing surf and see the salt pockets after which Salt Point was named at Glen's Spot. After lunch continue on the trail to the Highway and carefully walk back to the cars. Dogs are not allowed on the Salt Point trails. Walking sticks are a good idea. The trail could be a bit wet in spots if we've had recent rain. This is potentially a bit longer hike, but we could have nice flowers and it has both forest and bluff and a wonderful lunch spot.
Leader: Joel Chaban, (707) 884-9280

Meet at 10:00 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory and at Anchor Bay (west side of Hwy 1) at 10:15. The hike will begin at the Manchester State Beach Parking Lot (end of Kinney Road, just north of Manchester village) at 10:30. We will walk west to the bluff edge and follow a trail through the dunes south passing the AT&T Undersea Cable Station, to access a large field of wildflowers adjacent to the Brush Creek estuary. After exploring the creek and estuary area we will hike north up the beach to the Lake Davis area of the park, where we will circumambulate the environmental campsite. We will return to the beach by way of a lakeside trail, and then south on the beach to the parking lot. Lunch will be at the picnic tables near the parking lot.
Leaders: Jeff Gyving and Lena Bullamore, (707) 882-2498

MOAT CREEK #3 – May 17, 2018 ** Note Early Start**
Meet at 7:35 at pullout for Gualala business directory and carpool at Anchor Bay at 7:45 south side of town on west side of highway. Start at Moat Creek at MM 12.77 on way to Pt. Arena at 8:00.  Hike bluff south to Bowling Ball Beach.  Walk south on beach to Schooner's Gulch and then return via beach and bluff to Moat Creek for breakfast. Mostly level, but two short steep stretches (up one way and down another.) The beach can be rocky and a bit challenging to walk on in a few stretches. There is a minus tide this day so we will be starting early to take advantage of this. There are often nice wildflowers this time of the year along the bluff and Schooner's Gulch at a low tide is a sight to behold.
Leader: Mary Heibel, (707) 882-2055

Hike starts at 10:00 from the small parking area east of Highway 1 at mm 58.19. Parking is also available for a fee or with a pass at the Gualala Point County Park across the highway. Pass though gate and walk north on dirt road. Take trail at post 149, continue past trail post 149 to next trail post which is not numbered and turn right. At Deer Trail cross to trail post 148.Hike Pomo Hillside Trail to where it ends on Deer Trail, walk south and turn onto trail at post 146 to the right. Follow the Pomo Creek Trail with its scenic loop, cross Screech Owl, continue trail at post 144, then take the first right to reach Halcyon. Walk west, cross highway, and continue on Halcyon to Leeward Rd. Turn left and at next hedgerow take Helm to the bluff trail. Go north and then walk the Salal Trail to Hidden Parking lot for lunch. Walking sticks may be helpful.
Leader: Adrian Adams, (805) 215-8665

Carpool at 9:45 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge, or at The Sea Ranch Lodge at 10:00. Shortly after entering Salt Point State Park, drivers from the north should prepare to turn left on Kruse Ranch Road, just before Fisk Mill Cove. There is just a short drive to the official parking area. No fees and no passes required. Hike will begin from the Kruse parking area at 10:15. We will hike the short Rhododendron trail connecting with Phillips Gulch Trail and return on the Chinese Gulch Trail. This is only a 2.5 mile hike. The first part is mostly up and the second part is mostly down (but no steep places). Fortunately, there are level places along the way where we can catch our breath. We will cross eight bridges over flowing creeks. This is a spectacular area. If the Rhododendrons are still in bloom we will have time to appreciate them and we often see Coralroot orchids and sometimes late flowering Calypso orchids in May. Lunch will be on some friendly logs near our starting place. Dogs are not allowed on the Kruse trails.
Leaders: Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller, (707)884-4824

Meet at 10:00 in back part of the Gualala Arts parking lot. We will learn about and explore the Mill Bend property and then will walk one of the GAC trails before hiking along the road down to the green bridge and back. There are some mild elevation changes. We will have lunch at the picnic tables at the Arts Center, and after lunch those that are interested can view the art shows inside.
Leaders: John and Lynn Walton, (707) 884-9714

Meet at 10:20 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at meet at 10:30 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool and park in front of the Lighthouse north of Point Arena. The walk begins at 10:50 by following the bluffs to the north/east and following the Garcia River upstream (via the bluffs).  We will lunch on the bluffs overlooking the Garcia River.  We will return via the pasture and through the gate and back on the road to our cars.  The views and wildflowers should be lovely (this hike can be windy).  Note the ground may be uneven due to cow walking/grazing so sticks are recommended.
Leader: Harmony Susalla (707) 884-3347

Carpool at pullout for Gualala business directory just north of bridge at 9:50. Start at 10:00 at the Chapel. Hang tags needed for non Sea Ranchers. Walk the first part of the Chapel Trail with its great views to post 128, turning left to Leeward Spur, crossing the highway. Turn right on Leeward to Seal Rock Reach and take it to 42B and to the Bluff Trail. Walk south to post 37 through the hedgerow to Monarch Glen. Do the Interpretive Trail catching the trail that parallels the highway and crossing the highway at Bosuns Reach to return to the Chapel for lunch.
Leader: Laura Bridge, (408) 306-5321

Meet at 9:35 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at Anchor Bay (west side of Hwy 1) at 9:45 to carpool. Drive north to Irish Beach and mile marker 25, turn right on Sea Cypress road to Cypress Circle to park. The hike will start at approximately 10:30. Walk around Irish Beach roads and trails ending up at the picnic area at Pomo Lake Park for a picnic lunch.
Leaders: Gary & Susan Levenson-Palmer, (707) 882-1750

Meet at the Gualala Business Directory north of the bridge at 9:45 to carpool to Linda Kennedy’s house (37677 White Barn - hang tags needed).  Parts of this hike are quite steep up and down (a total elevation gain of 600 feet) so walking sticks are advised. Walk first to the Knipp-Stengel Barn (ca. 1880), then cross the highway to pick up the trail at trail marker 254.  Travel a short way parallel to the highway, then turn uphill, turning right at trail markers 260 and 257. We will hike up the steep but very beautiful and wooded Hugal Ravine trail.  At the top, we will walk over to Rams Head Reach to view the knoll that from the mid-1800s was the heart of the German Rancho that later became the Del Mar Ranch and then Sea Ranch. Walk back up Seabird Road a short distance to Schooner Drive and pick up the White Fir Trail at trail marker 109.  This takes you to the ridge, where you turn right at trail marker 110. This part of the trail recently reopened after adjacent logging operations and the change in habitat is striking.  The trail becomes heavily wooded again after you turn left at trail marker 111 to head back down hill.  We will have beautiful downcoast views as we emerge from the forest to the meadows.  Travel downhill past trail marker 112, to 260, where we will retrace our steps the short distance back to Linda’s house where we will enjoy a potluck lunch. 
Leader: Linda Kennedy, (707) 785-3682

Meet at 10:20 at the pullout for the Gualala Business directory north of the bridge to carpool or at the corner of Hwy 1 and Robinson Reef (just north of mile marker 1.62) at 10:30 where we will park. On this walk there are many scenic views. We will see views of the ocean from many different vantage points, interesting and diverse architecture and drought tolerant entry gardens, walk on the Gualala Bluff Trail, walk the Labyrinth at Mary Star of the Sea, climb to the top of the clock tower and see Gualala in a way many of us have not seen it, on foot. This hike is not level, but none of the elevation changes are very long. We'll have lunch at Darlene's house before returning to our cars.
Leaders: Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller, (707)884-4824

Meet at 10:45 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory north of bridge to carpool and meet at the end of Grey Whale at 11:00. Starting at the end of Grey Whale, Post 67A, we will hike north on the Bluff Trail to the Gualala Point Regional Park, and cross under the bridge to the campgrounds. We will have our lunch by the river next to the Enchanted Forest, which is beyond the campgrounds and has wonderful redwoods, ferns, and river views. Crossing back under the bridge, we will head past the ceremonial hitching posts to the entrance of the park. Following the highway, we will take the Salal Trail back to Post 67 and 67A.
Leader: Steve Coffeysmith, (510) 593-8195

Meet at 10:15 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge and at 10:30 at the Sea Ranch Business Center on Annapolis Rd. Turn right before you reach the Fire Station. We can park along the cul-de-sac by the building supply.  Sea Ranch members please bring along extra hang tags for non Sea Ranchers. Walk north on Timber Ridge Rd., then to the end of Sorcerer Wood. Take trail at post 102, pass 103 and 104.  At post 105 take the trail to the left, at 106 a left again to backtrack past 104 to 103. Here take the trail on the left that leads to Ridge Rd. Walk the road down to Deep Woods Dr. on the left. Take this to the end and turn left on River Beach Road. Walk down until the road becomes a one way road.  The start of the San Andreas Fault Interpretive Trail is on the left.  After experiencing this guided trail, walk down to lunch at The Hot Spot and afterwards back to the parking lot via the Hot Spot Loop Trail, River Beach Road and Timber Ridge Rd.  Walking sticks recommended.
Leader: Laura Bridge, (408) 306-5321

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