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A NEW VIEW OF STORNETTA LANDS – October 25, 2018Meet at 10:20 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at 10:30 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool and start at Point Arena City Hall at 11:00. We will start on the trail closest to City Hall and then walk the road out to the bluff for some lovely views before heading towards the pier and then taking a different trail back to City Hall.
Leader: Mary Heibel, 882-2055

CHAPEL TO WHITE BARN – November 1, 2018
Carpool at pullout for Gualala business directory just north of bridge at 9:50 and start at the Sea Ranch chapel at 10:00. Hang tags needed for non Sea Ranchers. Go south on to the firebreak and cross Hwy 1 at the hole in the fence. Take Frontage Trail almost to the White Barn. Walk on the feeder trail to the Blufftop Trail. Walk north until you reach the Shell Beach public access trail, take it to Pacific Reach and from there back to Frontage and return.
Leader: Steve Coffeysmith, 510-593-8195

Meet at 10:00 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge to carpool and at The Sea Ranch Lodge at 10:15 to carpool to the Jenner Headlands Preserve (two miles north of the town of Jenner on the east side of Highway 1). The Headlands are known for raptor and whale watching along the Pacific flyway with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Russian River, and the mouth of the river. The entire hike is approx. 4 miles. We'll hike mostly uphill for the first 1.5 miles on Raptor Ridge Trail to the ranger station with frequent stops to catch our breath and to appreciate the breathless views. We'll eat lunch on picnic tables at the ranger station. After lunch we'll hike along Raptor Ridge and take Sea to Sky Trail back to the parking lot. Near the bottom of the trail we'll stop for about 15 minutes at Telescope Hill for the amazing view and a bit of meditation. The entire hike is about 2 to 2.5 hours. Bring your binoculars for bird and whale watching. There is a portable toilet at the parking lot and one at the ranger station. We'll get back to Gualala about 2:30 p.m.
Leader: Joel Chaban, 884-9280

Carpool at pullout for Gualala business directory just north of bridge at 9:45 and meet at the Sea Ranch Lodge at 10:00. We will take the trail from the parking lot to Moonraker Road and cross highway 1. From there we will take an immediate right at trail post 220 and enter the new Sea Forest Trail,which has a creek and a seasonal waterfall.  Take trail post 219 to the bench at the end of the trail and admire the spectacular view of the coast. We will retrace our steps, cross back over highway 1 and head north toward the Moonraker Rec Center. At trail post 3C we will head toward the bluff, turning south at trail post 3. We will return to the lodge via the bluff trail for lunch.
Leader: Laura Bridge 408-306-5321


STILLWATER COVE 3 (NEW) – November 29, 2018
Carpool at the pullout for Gualala business directory just north of bridge at 9:25 and at The Sea Ranch Lodge parking lot at 9:40. Hikers with County Regional Park passes should drive. Please carpool as parking spaces on the first part are limited. We will first hike the two bluff sections of the trail. Then we will drive to the day use area and park. We will hike through the beautiful forested canyon, cross a small stream, then up along the ridge until we reach the old Fort Ross schoolhouse and then through the Canyon and down to the Cove for lunch. Parts of this hike subject to change depending on the conditions. After lunch we'll return to our cars. Dogs allowed on leash and hiking sticks helpful for a few steep spots and river crossing.
Leaders: Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller, 884-4824

Meet at 10:20 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at 10:30 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool and start at the junction of Lighthouse Road and Hwy 1, 2 miles north of Point Arena at 11:00. We will travel the access road to the old Coast Guard Loran site (now owned by Mendocino Community College) turning left before we get there to enter that middle section of the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands. From there we will walk through the "forest" to the bluff and enjoy the spectacular views of the offshore islands and the Ocean and find a suitable site for lunch before retracting our steps.
Leader: Mary Heibel, 882-2055

KING RIDGE LOOP – December 13, 2018
Meet at 9:30 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge to carpool and at The Sea Ranch Lodge parking lot at 9:45. From Skagg's Spring Road turn on Tin Barn Road and drive to King Ridge Road and park. Hike King Ridge two miles (up) and return. This stretch is very beautiful in winter with mist, oak trees, and nice views. There is plenty of up and down on this hike. We will eat at an old cemetery.
Leaders: John & Lynn Walton, 884-9714

Meet at 10:00 in back part of the Gualala Arts parking lot. We will walk one of the new GAC trails before hiking along the road down to the green bridge and back. There are some mild elevation changes. We will have potluck lunch inside the Arts Center, and after lunch those interested can view the art shows inside. Harmony will provide soup or chili and everyone should bring something to share.
Leader: Harmony Susalla, 884-3347

Meet at 9:30 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge or park at 9:45 at The Sea Ranch Business Center on Verdant View (turn right before you reach the Fire Station). We can park along the cul-de-sac by the building supply. Sea Ranch members please bring along extra hang tags for non-Sea Ranchers. At the end of the hike we will be having lunch at the Ranch Café, so it’s best to place your order before we start the hike so it will be ready when we return. The hike will start at 10:00. Walk Verdant View back towards the north and turn left on Annapolis road, using the trail on the left side of the road. Left on Timber Ridge. Walk Timber Ridge, right on Fly Cloud and right on Westgate Drive, back to Timber Ridge, where you turn left. Cross Annapolis Road where Timber Ridge becomes Sea Ridge. Follow Sea Ridge to a T intersection with Spring Meadow. Turn right on Spring Meadow and left on Timber Ridge. Follow the trail at Trail Post 313, near Sorcerer Wood, proceeding left as you pass TP312, returning to the pavement turning right on East Ridge Rd. at TP311.Turn left on Deep Woods Rd, and right on River Beach Rd. Turn left on Timber Ridge Rd. using the new trail on the right side of the pavement. Right on Annapolis Road, then left onto Verdant View. We will eat lunch at The Ranch Café, or you can bring your own lunch.
Leader: Linda Kennedy, 785-3682

Carpool at 9:30 at pullout for the Gualala business directory north of bridge, or at the Sea Ranch Lodge at 9:45. Shortly after entering Salt Point State Park, drivers from the north should prepare to turn left on Kruse Ranch Road and drive to the official parking area for Kruse Reserve. There are no fees or passes required. Hike will begin from the Kruse parking area at 10:00. We will hike up the gravel road all the way to Plantation. The ascent is gradual, but the gravel large and often sharp, so sturdy shoes are recommended. In the late nineteenth century, Plantation was an important destination for travelers from San Francisco on their way to Gualala. It had the only hotel available. After we check out Plantation, we will retrace our steps back to the Kruse Reserve for lunch. The views are spectacular. We will walk along several gushing creeks, and have views into deep forested canyons. This hike is a bit longer than our regular hikes, about five miles, but the rewards are great.
Leader: Laura Bridge, 408-306-5321

PELICAN BLUFF - January 10, 2019
Meet at 10:05 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory and carpool at Anchor Bay at 10:15 at the south side of town on west side of highway. The hike will begin at the Pelican Bluff parking lot at 10:30. Please carpool if at all possible as there is limited parking. The Mendocino Land Trust has designed a 2.2-mile trail and this 73-acre preserve is home to the endangered Point Arena Mountain Beaver and several rare plants, as well as a creek (which is recovering from cattle grazing) and Bishop pine forest.  The leader will find a suitable lunch spot.
Leader: Darlene Gorman, , 650-575-1890

OHLSON RANCH LOOP SOUTH - January 17, 2019
Carpool at 9:45 at pullout for Gualala business directory just north of bridge, and/or meet at the Ohlson Ranch Center parking lot at 10:00.  Hang tags needed for non-Sea Ranchers. Walk south on trail starting between building and highway crossing White Surf Road and Headlands Reach. At next hedgerow continue south on the bike trail to Navigators Reach. Take a right on the road and then take the access to the bluff trail. Walk north to return to the Ohlson Ranch where we will have lunch.
Leader: Adrian Adams, 805-215-8665

GUALALA POINT PARK #5 - January 24, 2019
Meet at the Hidden Parking Lot at 10:00 (on the west side entrance, just left after pulling past fee post.) Or park across the street and cross Highway One if you do not have a pass. Walk through the Serge Poles and then cross the road to the bench overlooking the Gualala River. Take the trail from there that leads to the Visitor Center and from there the grass trail to the Beach. Walk as far as you can on the beach, turning around and retracing your steps and then hike south past the restrooms and along the bluff doing the loop for views of Whale Watch Point and then walking south until you reach the trail that goes south to Walk On Beach. Instead take the trail that takes you back towards the Visitor's Center where we will eat our lunches.
Leaders: April and Ron Dammann 707-884-3830

SKAGGS SPRINGS WEST TWO FISH ROAD HIKE – January 31, 2019Carpool at 9:30AM at Gualala Business Sign or at 9:45 at Sea Ranch Lodge. Drive to Stewarts Point 2Fish and park cars.  Hike will start from 2Fish at approx. 9:55.   We will walk Skaggs Springs Road inland from 2Fish for 2ish miles and then retrace our steps. There is some elevation change but this is a road hike which is mainly through forested paved road which follows a lovely stream and is full of ferns and trees.  It’s the perfect road hike for the rain. We will reward ourselves at the end with lunch at the Two Fish Bakery at Stewarts Point. If you want to buy a sandwich at the store, please call ahead with your order (707-785-2011) or you can bring your lunch.
Leader: Harmony Susalla, 884-3347

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