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Meet at 9:50 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory and at 10:00 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool to the west end of Stoneboro road in Manchester and start our hike at 10:30. Enjoy a 15 minute walk on the dunes to the beach, then walk south to the Garcia river, viewing the lighthouse and perhaps whales, pelicans and Canada geese heading north for the winter. We will walk east for a short while along the Garcia and find a suitable lunch site. We will retrace our steps for the return. This walk is entirely on the sand and dogs on leash are allowed.
Leader: Joyce Nugent, (949) 646-6648

MOONRAKER HIKE – August 9, 2018
Carpool at 10:15 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge or meet at 10:30 at The Sea Ranch Lodge parking lot. From the parking lot, walk to Moonraker Road, turning left and then to marker 3C, Brigantines Reach.  Hike down the hedgerow trail to the Bluff Trail and turn north at marker 3A.  Travel north to marker 7, turning right on to the Sea Meadow Trail. At marker 7C, turn right onto Whaler's Reach, then left on Sea Gate to Navigator's Reach. Turn right and follow the bike trail that parallels Highway One. Turn left at marker 138 to reach the Bluff Trail and have lunch at Pebble Beach. Return to TSR Lodge via the Bluff Trail.
Leader: Linda Kennedy, 785-3682

Meet at 8:20 at pullout for Gualala business directory to carpool and at 8:30 at Anchor Bay (west side of Hwy 1) to carpool to the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, Fort Bragg. This is a LONG drive for us so be forewarned. Hikers north of Anchor Bay should call the leaders ahead of time if you want to be picked up along the way. There is an admission charge for the Gardens unless you are a MCBG member or a member of a reciprocal garden ($15 General, $12 Senior, $10 Mendocino County resident).  Our leaders are members and member's guests are $10 if they come in with a member so it shouldn't be more than $10 a person. This garden includes 47 acres of manicured gardens, diverse plant collections, forests, streams, fern canyons and bluffs. We will walk out to the Cliff House and see spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean along the Coastal Bluff Trail and visit the vegetable garden where a lot of produce is grown and donated to the food bank. Dahlias, heritage roses, heathers, begonias, fuchsias, hydrangeas, perennials are at their peak bloom August-October. Dogs are welcome on leash. Those who want to can eat at Rhody's Cafe where you can get fresh made sandwiches and salads, homemade soup and desserts, coffee, drinks, and Cowlick's ice cream. Please let Mary Sue know by phone or email (msittner@mcn.org) one week in advance if you plan to come and eat at Rhody's so they will be able to accommodate us as Rhody's is very busy this summer. We will order and pay when we arrive and our lunch will be ready to pick up when we are done hiking. You can get an idea of the possibilities by looking at the menu on Facebook. It's also fine to bring your lunch if you prefer. https://www.facebook.com/pg/RhodysGardenCafe/menu/?ref=page_internal
Leaders: Bob & Mary Sue, 884-4824

Meet at 10:20 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at Anchor Bay (west side of Hwy 1) at 10:30 to carpool to Point Arena. The hike starts at Point Arena at 11:00 at Jeff and Lena's (355 School Street). Coming from the north, turn right at first driveway after the rainbow signs. Coming from the south, slow down at 30 mph sign, and then turn left at the brightly painted pyramid. There is an Earth flag at their drive---335 School St. Taking lunches, we will go on trails through their land down to Port Road. There is some very steep, uneven ground - a walking stick would be advisable. We will then go up Blufftop Road and walk to the end, overlooking the port...a new point of view. Back down Blufftop and walk down Port Road to the pier. We will go back to cross a tiny stream (usually log or stones available) and eat at Hillbilly Park, viewing the ocean. We will go back on Port Road to the Village Apartment trail, down to view the community garden, follow to Port Street, up to Highway One. Turning south, go for a tour of Laura and Jeff's Wildflower Boutique Motel, then go up the street for a tour inside the Arena Theater. We will then proceed to the City Park and hike up the hill in the park that leads to Highway One, turn left and walk back to Lena and Jeff's. Some of this may be eliminated, depending on time. Bring apples if you want to feed the three horses.
Leaders: Jeff Gyving & Lena Bullamore, 882-2498

DMC LOOP #2 – August 30, 2018
Carpool at 9:50 at Gualala Business Sign pullout just north of bridge. Start at 10:00 at Del Mar Center on TSR.  Hike south on Del Mar Meadow Trail to Bluff to Salal Trail, then cross highway to Pomo Trails to Saloon Trail to post 138. Go south to 136 and follow trail by Golf Course and under the highway. Turn left on Tallgrass and walk back to the Del Mar Center. Lunch in the garden. Hang tags needed for non Sea Ranchers.
Leader: Laura Bridge, 408-306-5321

Meet at 9:50 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at 10:00 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool and start at Rollerville Junction 2 miles north of Point Arena at 10:20. Cars can park along highway 1 facing south. We will be hiking a T pattern.  Starting down the road (aka Huckleberry Row) to the Loran Station we will first head south to some spectacular rock formations and then retrace back to the Loran Station and this time we will head north for some more great views of the lighthouse (weather permitting) and our coastline. After taking in the views we will return and eat our lunch near the blow holes (or find a spot out of the wind depending on the weather). Eventually we will retrace our way back along "Huckleberry Row" where those who want to may stay and pick huckleberries can and others can return by the road to their cars. Carpools should be done in a way to accommodate pickers and non-pickers.  This is a relatively flat hike with only minor elevation change.
Leader: Harmony Susalla, 884-3347

SALT POINT BLUFFS – September 13, 2018
Carpool at the pullout for Gualala business directory at 10:30 and at The Sea Ranch Lodge parking lot at 10:45. Start at 11:00 at the Gerstle Cove Campground/Salt Point State Park. Turn west at Main Entrance and follow road down to ocean where large parking lot and restrooms are.  There may be a $7-$8 charge per car so bring coupons if you have them. Hike the coastal trail along the bluffs starting at left side of parking lot. Continue north until you are at the trail which descends into Stump Beach.  At that point turn around and walk back by jeep trail which is inland of coastal trail. The leaders will pick a good spot around noon for sitting, viewing and eating lunch. Dogs are not allowed on the Salt Point trails.
Leaders: April and Ron Dammann, (707) 884-3830

OHLSON RANCH LOOP – September 20, 2018
Carpool at Gualala Business sign at 9:50 am.  Start at Ohlson Ranch at 10:00am (Sea Ranchers bring hang tags please). Start on trail behind Ohlson Ranch that parallels Highway 1, connecting with bike path to Navigators Reach. Turn right onto Navigators Reach and left on Sculpture Point Drive to end, pick up trail which connects you to Sea Gate Road. Turn right on Sea Meadow Drive where you pick up the first trail on the right (marker 7B.) Follow through hedgerow and markers 7C and 7D, talking trail to connect to bluff trail at marker 8.  Head north on bluff trail until you get to marker 26 where we will turn right and follow the Breaker Meadow Trail past the Barn back to Ohlson Ranch. Lunch at Ranch House after hike.
Leader: Laura Bridge, (408) 306-5321

GUALALA POINT PARK # 3 – September 27, 2018
Start at Hidden Parking Lot at 10:00. You can park on westside entrance just left after pulling past the fee post. If you have a pass, bring it as there is a fee to park in the park. Or park across the street and cross Hwy 1 if you do not have a pass.  Hike from there down to the beach but instead of going to the beach go south past the restrooms to the bluff.  Bear left on bluffs and continue on Bluff Trail until you intersect Salal Trail. Hike Salal Trail to Hwy 1, turn left and follow frontage path back to the Park and the Hidden Parking lot. If it is very wet, can retrace steps instead of taking the Salal Trial. Lunch at the Hidden Parking lot tables or by the poles.
Leaders: John & Lynn Walton, 884-9714

Carpool at 9:15 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge, and at The Sea Ranch Lodge at 9:30 or meet at Fort Ross State Park at 10:00. There is a charge of $8 per car for parking, $7 for the senior rate (62 and older.)  We will first walk north along the bluff exploring this undeveloped part of the park with lovely ocean views and then turn around and walk to the Fort. Most of this is grassland, but because of the wind most of the vegetation is not very tall except in a few places. Although the elevation changes are minimal, the ground is very uneven and the trails are not always visible so wearing good shoes is recommended. We'll turn around at some point and continue walking past where we started, deciding on a lunch spot depending on the weather.  Dogs aren’t allowed on most of the Fort Ross trails.
Leaders: Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller, 884-4824

Meet at 9:45 at the Gualala Business Directory (north of bridge) and at 10:00 at Steve and Bonnie Coffeysmith’s house, 339 Bluff Reach, corner of Bluff Reach and Cormorant Close. Please park in the enclosed courtyard if possible. Walk to marker 30A and follow the hedgerow to marker 30D. Turn left and follow the trail straight through 31C to 33B. Turn right on Pacific Reach and Whalebone, toward Rt. 1. Turn left at marker 34A, left at 35D, and right at 35C. Continue hiking through the meadows to marker 42C, then turn left and walk to 42, overlooking Walk-on Beach. Turn left and follow the Bluff Trail, passing the TSRA Marine Preserve and Dune Drift Beach at marker 38. Hike to marker 37 and follow the sand trail to the cypress hedgerow, turn right and go to Tidepool Beach to look for harbor seals. Continue on the trail, passing Shell Beach and stopping to check out the cormorant nesting area before returning to the Coffeysmith’s to enjoy your bag lunch.
Leader: Steve Coffeysmith, (510) 593-8195

STUMP BEACH & GERSTLE COVE - October 18, 2018 (NEW)
Meet at 9:15 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at 9:30 at The Sea Ranch Lodge to carpool to the Stump Beach parking area. We will start the hike at approx. 10:00. We will follow the trail down to Stump Beach, crossing the stream and heading up the other side to the southern bluff tops. We will meander along the bluffs taking in the views and wildlife along the way. We will pass through the Gerstle Cove camping grounds, cross Highway 1, and walk through forested land. We will cross Highway 1 again and walk the shoulder of the highway until we turn off to return to Stump Beach where we will have our lunch and then return to the cars.  This hike is slightly longer and has a bit more elevation change than our usual hikes. The bluff part of this hike is relatively flat but the trail down and up from the beach and the trail on the east side of the highway are steep and walking sticks are recommended. Dogs are not allowed on the Salt Point trails.
Leader: Darlene Gorman, (650) 575-1890

Meet at 10:20 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at 10:30 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool and start at Point Arena City Hall at 11:00. We will start on the trail closest to City Hall and then walk the road out to the bluff for some lovely views before heading towards the pier and then taking a different trail back to City Hall.
Leader: Mary Heibel, 882-2055

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