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Carpool at the Gualala Business Directory pullout just north of bridge at 9:45, and at the Blackpoint Beach Coastal Access parking area (just north of the Lodge) at 10:00. Walk from the parking area to the Bluff Trail and turn left to marker 1. Go down the stairs and walk on the beach to the north end, returning to the stairs (Note: The stairs are steep!). From marker 1, walk south to the first gate marked with the wildflower path marker and follow the path to Black Point, the barn, and Bihler Point. Continue on the marked path toward the Lodge, past the old sheepherder’s cabin, and turn left on the main trail. Follow the Bluff Trail from marker 1 to 3, turn right and continue through the hedgerow to marker 3C, then right on Moonraker to the fire road gate at Black Point Reach. At the end of the fire trail we will go to either the barn or the Lodge area for our lunches. Note: If it’s windy, the leader may modify the plan.
Leader: Laura Bridge 408-306-5321

Carpool at 9:40 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge and at the Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area at 9:50 to carpool. Start at MM 6 on Skaggs Springs Road (before Haupt Creek Bridge) at 10:15. We will walk along the road looking for wildflowers along the bank with views of the Gualala River too. How far we walk will depend on how many flowers there are to slow us down.  This area is shady in the morning and can be cool so dress accordingly. We will have lunch at the Annapolis Winery.
Leader: Harmony Susalla, 884-3347

Meet at 9:50 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory and at 10:00 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool to the west end of Stoneboro road in Manchester and start our hike at 10:30. Enjoy a 15 minute walk on the dunes to the beach, then walk south to the Garcia river, viewing the lighthouse and perhaps whales, pelicans and Canada geese heading north (during the winter). We will walk east for a short while along the Garcia, then retrace our steps for the return, passing where we came in through the dunes and exploring a little to the north. We will find a good spot along the beach (or in the dunes if windy) for lunch. This walk is entirely on the sand and dogs on leash are allowed.
Leader: Joyce Nugent, (949) 646-6648

Carpool at 9:50 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory north of bridge or meet at 10:00 at the Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area. Walk south to the Ohlson Ranch Center and cut through the Demonstration Garden to take the trail between the highway and the Ohlson Ranch Center. Cross the highway at Headlands Reach and take an immediate left on a trail off Headlands Close (mm 53.00). Upon reaching Longmeadow Trail follow it south and up hill. At a trail crossing take a right on Spur Close Trail. This trail goes downhill almost to Spur Close in order to go around trees along a creek, then uphill again through a wooded area. Reaching a bifurcation, take the right hand fork down to the highway. Cross and walk down Navigator's Reach, then walk north on the Blufftop Trail to the starting point, saying hello to the seals at Green Cove's Marine Preserve along the way. Eat at Ohlson at the end.
Leader: Jane Seck

SALT POINT LOOP – May 23, 2019
Carpool at 9:30 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge, and at the Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area at 9:40. Park at the call box parking area one-half mile south of Stump Beach on the east side of Highway 1 (south of MM 41.00). Take the trail on east side of the highway. We will do a forest loop and then cross the highway and walk to the headlands. Hike north on the bluff all the way to a rock outcropping in line with the call box on the highway, then continue for another few minutes toward Stump Beach. There we will have lunch seated on some wonderful rock ledges, watch the crashing surf and see the salt pockets after which Salt Point was named at Glen's Spot. After lunch continue on the trail to the Highway and carefully walk back to the cars. Dogs are not allowed on the Salt Point trails. Walking sticks are a good idea. This is potentially a bit longer hike, but it has both forest and bluff and a wonderful lunch spot. If its windy we may do the hike in reverse direction and lunch in the forest and if it’s been rainy it could be a bit wet in spots.
Leader: Joel Chaban, 884-9280

Carpool at 9:45 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge, or at the Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area at 9:55. Shortly after entering Salt Point State Park, drivers from the north should prepare to turn left on Kruse Ranch Road, just before Fisk Mill Cove. There is just a short drive to the official parking area. No fees and no passes required. Hike will begin from the Kruse parking area at 10:15. We will hike the short Rhododendron trail connecting with Phillips Gulch Trail and return on the Chinese Gulch Trail. This is only a 2.5 mile hike. The first part is mostly up and the second part is mostly down (but no steep places). Fortunately, there are level places along the way where we can catch our breath. We will cross eight bridges over flowing creeks. This is a spectacular area. If the Rhododendrons are still in bloom we will have time to appreciate them and we often see Coralroot orchids and sometimes late flowering Calypso orchids in May. Lunch will be on some friendly logs near our starting place. Dogs are not allowed on the Kruse trails.
Leaders: Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller, 884-4824

Meet at 9:30 at the Gualala Business Directory or at 9:40 at the Blackpoint Beach Coastal Access parking lot (just north of the Sea Ranch Lodge). We will shuttle people from the Blackpoint Beach parking lot to the top of the hill and then we'll end up near the Lodge for lunch.. There isn't a lot of space to park at our starting point. Start at 10:00 at the trail head on Indian Close off Timber Ridge Road. Hang tags needed to park here. This is a beautiful hike down a forested, shady hillside. There are some steep stretches, so bring your walking stick. The trail leads down and north, crosses Crows Nest Drive, and eventually turns down and south on the hillside along Hwy 1, ending on Moonraker Road. Cross the highway and walk to The Moonraker Recreation Center and down Brigantine's Reach to the Blufftop Trail. Turn south taking the Black and Bihler Foot Paths to check for late blooming wildflowers and then head for Black Point Beach for lunch and back to the Lodge afterwards.
Leader: Laura Bridge, (408) 306-5321

Meet at 9:20 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at Anchor Bay (west side of Hwy 1) at 9:30 to carpool to Point Arena. The hike starts at Point Arena at 10:00 at Jeff and Lena's house (355 School Street). Coming from the north, turn right at first driveway after the rainbow signs. Coming from the south, slow down at 30 mph sign, and then turn left at the brightly painted pyramid. There is an Earth flag at their drive---335 School Street. We will go on a trail through Jeff & Lena’s land down to Port Road. There is some steep, uneven ground and a walking stick would be advisable. We will go up Bluff Top Road and walk to the end, overlooking the cove...a new point of view. From there we will continue along the bluff with some spectacular views. This is all private property, but we have gotten special permission to roam the land. After that we will walk back down Bluff Top, up the hill to Jeff and Lena's and have lunch in their yard. Bring apples if you want to feed the two horses. This is about a 3.6 mile walk. It is not a long walk, but gawking at the beautiful views may slow us down.
Leaders: Jeff Gyving & Lena Bullamore, 882-2498

Meet at 10:20 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at meet at 10:30 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool and park in front of the Lighthouse north of Point Arena. The walk begins at 10:50 by following the bluffs to the north/east and following the Garcia River upstream (via the bluffs). We will lunch on the bluffs overlooking the Garcia River. We will return via the pasture and through the gate and back on the road to our cars. The views and wildflowers should be lovely (this hike can be windy).  Note the ground may be uneven due to cow walking/grazing so sticks are recommended.
Leader: Mary Heibel, 882-2055

Carpool at 9:45 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge or meet at 10:00 at Ohlson Rec Center (just south of the white barn). Hang tags needed. Cross the highway to post 254A and take the Hugal RavineTrail* to Seabird Road. Pick up the trails again at the end of Schooner Dr. (post 109) and follow the Sag Ponds Trail to Ridge Trail via post 104, then right at post 103 to Sorcerer Wood at post 102. Pick up the trails again at post 314. Turn left at post 240 and take Long Meadow Trail down to Highway 1. Cross Highway 1 and take the bike and foot trails to Ohlson Rec Center. NOTE: If weather or mud is a problem the leader may reroute us onto more roads and fewer trails. Lunch at Ohlson Rec Center. *Hugal Ravine is steep. Please be prepared for elevation change during this hike.
Leader: Linda Kennedy, 785-3682

July 4 – No Hike. Happy 4th of July!!

GUALALA POINT PARK #1– July 11, 2019
Meet at the Hidden Parking Lot at 10:00 (on westside entrance just left after pulling past fee post.) Or park across the street and cross Hwy 1 if you do not have a pass.  Hike to the bluff, go north, and then back to the Visitors Center, walking occasionally on the road, but mostly on trails. After a brief stop on the benches to look at the view of the river, we will take the trail down to the river and under the highway to the campground. From there we will walk through the forest and down to the Gualala River for lunch. After lunch we will walk back to the cars via the road to the campground.
Leaders: John & Lynn Walton, 884-9714

STUMP BEACH LOOP– July 18, 2019
Meet at 9:45 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at 9:55 at Stengel Beach Coastal Access parking area to carpool and start at Stump Beach at the north end of Salt Point at approx. 10:30.  We will park at Stump Beach and follow the trail down to the beach, crossing the stream and heading up the other side to the southern bluff tops. We will meander along the bluffs taking in the views and wildlife along the way. We will walk for an hour and then head back the way we came stopping at "Glen's Spectacular Spot" for lunch and then walk back to our cars. The bluff part of this hike is relatively flat but the trail down and up from the beach is steep and walking sticks are recommended. Dogs are not allowed on the Salt Point trails.
Leaders: April and Ron Dammann 884-3830

Meet at 9:35 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge and at 9:50 at the end of Verdant View near Twofish Baking Company. We can park along the cul-de-sac by the building supply. Sea Ranch members please bring along extra hang tags for non Sea Ranchers. Carpool to the Hot Spot and start from there at 10:00. Walk up the Hot Spot Loop Trail to River Beach Road to Deep Woods to East Ridge Rd catching the Ridge Trail from 101 to 102, exiting at Sorcerer Wood and picking up the Spring Meadow Trail at 314 to 316 and then circle the airport (Sea Ridge Rd, trail to Timber Ridge Rd.) Walk down River Beach Road entering the San Andreas Fault Interpretive Trail at post 304 and following it to post 305. Continue on River Beach Road, catching the old road (now closed) to return to the Hot Spot for lunch. Lunches can be left in the car as we'll eat at the end of the hike. Walking sticks advised for this hike.
Leader: Adrian Adams, (805) 215-8665

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