Thursday, December 2, 2021

Carpool at pullout for Gualala business directory just north of bridge at 10:45. Hike will start at the Ohlson Ranch Parking Lot on The Sea Ranch at 11:00. Hang tags needed so Sea Ranchers please bring your extras. This hike has some fairly steep uphill sections on the first half, and goes downhill on the way back. Cross Hwy 1, opposite Ohlson Ranch and go right through gate, taking trail above the stables, crossing Longmeadow Road. Take trail to Sea Ridge Road, crossing Spring Meadow. Turn left when you hit Annapolis Road then cross Annapolis and go right on Verdant View to Business Center where the Ranch Cafe is located. Lunch should be pre-ordered at 785-4529 or if you wish, you may bring your own lunch. We will return to the Ohlson Center via Annapolis and Sea Ridge Rd., turning left on Pilot’s Reach to trailhead at marker 234. Follow the trail to the highway. Cross Hwy 1 right before marker 235 and onto Navigators Reach. Turn right at trail marker 10A or to return on the bluff trail go a little further to 10B and enter the trail at marker10 and then turn right and follow the bluff trail to the Ohlson Center. 

Leader: Laura Bridge

photo credit: Laura

Thursday, November 18, 2021


Meet at 9:50 at pullout for Gualala business directory and at Anchor Bay (west side of Hwy 1) at 10:00. Hike starts at 10:30 a. m. at trailhead for enviromental campground which is located at parking lot off Kenny Rd. on West side of KOA Campgound, Manchester Beach.  To reach this parking lot, take first right after passing KOA Campgound. Dogs are not allowed on this trail. We will walk the trail to the lagoon and then come back along the beach. 

Leaders: John & Lynn Walton

 photo credit: April & Lynn

Thursday, November 11, 2021


Carpool at pullout for Gualala business directory just north of bridge at 10:50. Start at the Sea Ranch chapel, mm 55.66 at 11 am. Hang tags needed for non Sea Ranchers. Carefully cross the highway to Bosuns Close. Enter trail on south side, then take a right onto trail going north. Before entering the hedgerow walk the Monarch Glen loop trail on the right, returning to the previous trail.  Walk through the hedgerow, trail will cross four streets and then turn east onto Leeward Road.  When Meadow trail is too muddy walk Leeward Road all the way from the hedgerow. Take a left on Seal Rock Reach and hike to Walk-On Beach for lunch. Proceed on trail through hedgerow at post 37, then turn east, cross Leeward and retrace steps to chapel.  

Leader: Linda Kennedy

 photo credit: Laura

Thursday, November 4, 2021


Meet at 10:00 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory to carpool and start at Stump Beach at the north end of Salt Point at approx. 10:30. We will park at Stump Beach and follow the trail down to the beach, crossing the stream and heading up the other side to the southern bluff tops. We will meander along the bluffs taking in the views and wildlife along the way. We will walk for an hour and then head back the way we came stopping at "Glen's Spectacular Spot" for lunch and then walk back to our cars. The bluff part of this hike is relatively flat but the trail down and up from the beach is steep and walking sticks are recommended. Dogs are not allowed on the Salt Point trails. NOTE: due to stream at Stump Beach being too wide/deep to cross the hike was moved to Gerstle Cove Bluffs)

Leader: Joel Chaban

photo & video credit: Mary Sue, Laura B, and Joel

Thursday, October 28, 2021



Meet at the Hidden Parking Lot at 10:00 (on westside entrance just left after pulling past fee post.) Or park across the street and cross Hwy 1 if you do not have a pass. Walk through the Serge Poles and then cross the road to the bench overlooking the Gualala River. Take the trail from there that leads to the Visitor Center and from there the grass trail to the beach. Walk on the beach, turning around and retracing steps and then hike south pass the restrooms and along the bluff to Gualala Point. Turn around and hike the road back to the Visitors Center where there are picnic tables sheltered from the wind for lunch. Return to the cars after lunch. 

Leader: April Dammann

photo and video credit: Laura B and April

Thursday, October 14, 2021


Meet at 9:30 at the pullout for the Gualala business directory and at 9:40 at Anchor Bay (West side of Hwy 1) to carpool or at the entrance to Stornetta Public Lands where Lighthouse Road turns right towards the Lighthouse at 10:10. Walk the spectacular bluff toward the old Coast Guard Loran site (now owned by Mendocino Community College) seeing blow holes, sink holes, and the waterfall which will likely be dry or a trickle. We will walk up the paved road past huckleberry avenue turning left and following the cow trail back to the road to the lighthouse and our cars. People who want to stay for lunch can walk out to the bluffs for the lovely view. 

Leader: Harmony 

Mileage: 3.2

Photo credit: Bob R, and Mary Sue


Thursday, October 7, 2021


 Meet at 9:45 at pullout for Gualala business directory north of bridge to carpool or at the Del Mar Center at 10:00. Hang tags are needed for non Sea Ranchers. Go North on Leeward to Tall Grass.  Take the trail that parallels Tall Grass to post 138A.  Turn left on the cart path to the edge of the golf course, then follow the trail down to Leeward.  Take the trail through the hedgerow alongside Helm to Del Mar Point.  Turn right on Del Mar Point to post 60C then take the Del Mar Meadow trail north to the intersection with the Bluff Trail at post 63.  A few steps north on the Bluff Trail, turn right onto the Fish Rock hedgerow.  Follow this trail to post 64B and turn left on Grey Whale at post 67B.  Follow down to the Bluff Trail at post 67 and make a left on the Bluff Trail and continue south to post 49.  Turn left to post 49A, then up Tide Pool and Seadrift to Leeward Road.  Go left on Leeward to the Del Mar Center for lunch.
Leaders: Richard and Judy Knarr

photo credit: Leader Laura